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111 Christian Apologists

30 Januari 2012 1 komentar

Get to know 111 Christian apologists. Most are current. Some are dead. A couple are very old. Some are not popular. They range from world-class philosophers and thinkers to internet and radio apologists. But all have made an impact with their works and ministries. They are in alphabetical order. (This is not a top 111, and theologians and church fathers have been left out.)

1. Kerby Anderson - VP of International Society of Christian Apologetics.
2. John Ankerberg - Founder of Ankerberg Theological Research Institute; Great podcast.
3. Greg Bahnsen - the late great presuppositional apologist. Debated Gordon Stein.
4. Andy Bannister - London School of Theology / Oxford Centre for Christian apologetics.
5. Francis Beckwith - noted philosopher and apologist, especially in the area of ethics.
6. Ken Boa - relational evangelism, discipleship, apologetics.
7. Darrell Bock - Research Professor of NT Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.
8. Joe Boot - apologist, educator, author and pastor.
9. Robert Bowman - noted apologetics and theology teacher (Biola)
10. Justin Brierley - host of Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio, UK. Baca selengkapnya…