November 3, 2009 (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143, –

We are pleased to announce the 2009 edition of the Fundamental Baptist Digital Library (version 5.1). This replaces the Fundamental Baptist CD Library.

Composed of roughly 3,500 select books and articles, this 1.5 gigabyte library is the largest fundamentalist research database available. It is a contemporary church issues research library, a preacher’s information database, a Baptist history library, a Bible Version library, a library of dispensational Bible commentaries, and much more.

This is not merely a batch of material thrown on a CD. Everything in this electronic library is carefully selected to be of benefit to a fundamentalist in his Christian life and ministry. The vast majority of this information is unique to the Fundamental Baptist Digital Library and cannot be obtained from any other source.

First time purchase:  $99.95

Upgrade from previous version:  $49.95


* An upgraded search engine
* Roughly 500 new books and articles
* Hundreds of articles have been enlarged and updated, vastly increasing the effectiveness of the research
* Friday Church News Notes graphical editions
* Every issue of O Timothy magazine from 1984 to present
* The Treasury of Rare Dispensational Commentaries

All material in this database is in PDF format. The database itself is an Adobe Portfolio document, which is designed to house PDFs and other types of documents.

The entire database is searchable, plus, there is an EXTERNAL index to the database that seems to work somewhat faster when doing searches of the entire database. In addition, each document is searchable.

Each book or article can be pulled out of the portfolio and placed on your computer or e-book reader (e.g., Sony or Kindle), however, we ask that you not share these books and articles with others.

“I have had the CD since the fall of 2000 and find it to be my most valuable
fundamental resource. I use it in the preparation of sermons and for
general information on most every subject concerning the days in which we
live.” –Jerry Asberry, Pastor, Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky


THE WAY OF LIFE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE BIBLE & CHRISTIANITY. Twenty-five years of research has gone into this one-of-a-kind reference tool. It is the only Bible dictionary/encyclopedia that is written by a Fundamental Baptist and based strictly upon the King James Bible. It is a complete dictionary of biblical terminology and also features many other areas of research not often covered in Bible reference volumes. It is extremely practical and useful for the ministry. Subjects include Bible Texts and Versions, Denominations, Cults, Christian Movements, Typology, the Church, Social Issues and Practical Christian Living, Bible Prophecy, and Old English Terminology. This work does not correct the Authorized Version of the Bible, nor does it undermine the fundamental Baptist’s doctrines and practices as many study tools do. The encyclopedia contains over 5,500 entries and 6,000 cross references.

The complete END TIME APOSTASY TOPICAL DATABASE which features roughly 3,200 books and articles arranged into more than 80 categories.

Every issue of the monthly O TIMOTHY MAGAZINE from 1984 to 2009.

Every article published by the FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST INFORMATION SERVICE from 1995 to 2009.

Every issue of the FRIDAY CHURCH NEWS NOTES from 2000 to 2009, including the graphical editions.

WAY OF LIFE’S ELECTRONIC BAPTIST/WALDENSIAN HISTORY LIBRARY which includes the equivalent of 16,000 printed pages of material (including A History of the Baptists by Armitage (1890), History of the English Baptists by Ivimey (1811), Bye-Paths of Baptist History by Goadby (1871), A History of the Baptists by Christian (1922), General History of the Baptists in America by Benedict (1813), A History of the Christian Church – Waldenses and Albigenses by Jones (1812), History of the German Baptist Brethren by Brumbaugh (1899), History of the Donatists by Benedict (1875), Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia by Brockett (1879), Early English Baptists by Evans (1862), Evils of Infant Baptism by Howell (1852), Divine Right of Infant Baptism Examined by John Gill, A Concise Baptist History by Orchard (1855), Baptists Not Protestants by Carroll, Did They Dip: An Examination of the Practice of Baptism by English and American Baptists Before 1641 by Christian (1896), History of the Anci ent Churches of Piedmont by Allix (1690), Miller’s Church History (1881), History of the Papacy (1888) and A History of the Waldenses (1860) and A History of Protestantism (1899) by Wylie, History of the Inquisition in Spain by McCrie (1879), Protestant Persecution of Baptists in America by Joseph Banvard, Popery Drunk with the Blood of the Saints by Dowling, Annals of the English Bible by Anderson (1845), History of the Ancient Christians in the Piedmont Valleys of the Alps (1618), History of Pentecostalism by Cloud, and many others).

WAY OF LIFE’S ELECTRONIC KJV DEFENSE LIBRARY, which includes The Bible Version Question-Answer Database by Cloud, Dynamic Equivalency: Death Knell of Pure Scripture by Cloud, Examining James White’s “The Truth about the King James Only Controversy” by Cloud, Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions by Cloud, Forever Settled by Jack Moorman, In the Footsteps of Bible Translators, For Love of the Bible by Cloud, The King James Bible Defended by D.A. Waite, The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills, The Modern Bible Version Hall of Shame by Cloud, Modern Versions the Dark Secret by Jack Moorman, Revision Revised by John Burgon, True or False by D.O. Fuller, Unholy Hands on God’s Holy Book, Which Version: Authorized or Revised by Philip Mauro, plus dozens of other important articles on this topic.

THE TREASURY OF RARE DISPENSATIONAL COMMENTARIES, a collection of 100 rare old commentaries that are written from a Dispensational and Premillennial position. The majority of commentaries that are readily available today are Reformed and Amillennial. They interpret prophecy by the false allegorical methodology and erroneously view the Church as Israel. Many of the best Dispensational and Premillennial commentaries are out of print. I decided to create this collection when I realized that very few Premillennial commentaries are available in electronic edition for the computer. As a missionary who lives overseas and travels extensively, almost all of the commentaries I regularly use are on my computer. The Treasury of Rare Dispensational Commentaries features the following: THE IRONSIDE COLLECTION (21 volumes); THE NUMERICAL BIBLE (6 volumes covering Genesis to Revelation written by Frederick William (1834-1902) and first published in 1932); THE ANNOTATED BIBLE – GAEBELEIN COLL ECTION (works by Arno C. Gaebelein (1880-1950), including the 9-volume Annotated Bible, plus the following single volumes: As It Was–So Shall It Be, Conflict of the Ages, Daniel, Ezekiel, Gabriel and Michael the Archangel, Harmony of the Prophetic Word, Our Age and Its End, World Prospects); THE JOHN DARBY COLLECTION (Darby’s 5-volume Synopsis of the Bible with index, plus Lectures on the Addresses of the Seven Churches); THE WILLIAM KELLY COLLECTION (Chronicles, Judges, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew, John, Acts, Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians and Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon, Hebrews, James, Epistles of John, Revelation, Light for the Pilgrim Pathway); THE W. GRAHAM SCROGGIE COLLECTION (Commentary on Revelation, The Lord’s Return, and Prophecy and History); THE MISCELLANEOUS DISPENSATIONAL COMMENTARY COLLECTION (Revelation by Clarence Larkin, Revelation by James McConkey, The Coming Prince by Robert A nderson, The Coming War and the Rise of Russia by Harry Rimmer, Daniel and the Latter Day by Robert Culver, Daniel the Prophet by Edward Dennett,  The Dawn of the Scarlet Age by Edgar Ainslie, Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, The Future of Europe and Russia’s Destiny by Alfred Burton, His Own Received Him Not by Donald Barnhouse, Jesus Is Coming by W.E.B., The Jew and Palestine in Prophecy by M.R. DeHaan, Light on the Last Days by Charles Blanchard, Prophecy’s Last Word by Fred Tatford, Prophetic Questions Answered by Keith Brooks, Revelation: The Crown Jewel of Prophecy 2 volumes by William Stevens, Russian Events in the Light of Bible Prophecy by Louis Bauman, Sermons on the Second Coming by I.M. Haldeman, A Textbook on Prophecy by James Gray, The Unfolding of the Ages by Ford Cottman, The Unveiling of Jesus, Studies in Revelation by William Pettingill, The Visions of John the Divine by William Hoste, Voices from Babylon by Joseph Seiss, What Men Must Believe b y David Cooper, When Gog’s Armies Meet the Almighty in the Land of Israel by David Cooper, Will The Church Pass Through the Tribulation by Henry Thiessen).


(You must order by mail with a check or credit card number and return the old CD to get the new library at this price.)

CANADA ORDERS – please add GST

U.S.A. –15% ($4.00 minimum)
CANADA/FOREIGN–To be computed at the time of order

PAYMENT: Payment can be made by check from the U.S. or Canada and mailed to Way of Life at either the Stateside or the Canada address. Make the checks payable to Way of Life Literature. Payment can also be made with credit card by phone, fax, or e-mail. When making payment by e-mail, send the credit card information in two separate e-mails. Most of the materials can be ordered online at, though we are not always able to add the latest titles in a timely fashion due to the fact that our webmaster in Singapore is a full-time pastor and is very busy. PAYPAL payments can be made to

Way of Life Literature (web site) Canada: Bethel Baptist Church, 4212 Campbell St. N., London, Ont. N6P 1A6, 519-652-2619 (voice), 519-652-0056 (fax)

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