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Does God Really Exist?

The above question is actually quite unreasonable. It is very much like someone who uses the Windows Operating System in his computer, asking whether Bill Gates really exist; or, a person who uses Apple products asking whether Steve Jobs really exist. Most people would agree that such would be foolish or ignorant questions. The products that these men have produced prove their existence.

Imagine if we are to question the existence of the person who created something exceedingly more advanced than Windows or Apple products. Even a gecko is more complex than any iPad or iPhone. If we magnify its feet thousands of times, we can see tiny suction cups that enable the gecko to walk upside down on the ceiling without falling. Man breathes with his lungs, and fish can absorb oxygen through its gills.

Irrefutably, the existence of heaven and earth proves the existence of a person of super genius and all-powerful, and He is the One who laid the foundation and created everything. Else, from where did this beautiful and complex universe come? None of the planets encircling the sun, or any other planet, has condition anything like the Earth. Astronomers have searched far and wide through their telescopes, to other galaxies, for a place like Earth. They have not found any.

The God-haters are annoyed at the existence of God, especially because they do not want to submit to His moral standard. They are mad when they hear that they have to give an account of their sins. Therefore, they deny His existence and come up with strange hypotheses about the origin of heaven and earth. They say that the universe came from a big explosion (big bang). They say that at the beginning there was a super small but super dense point, which then exploded to produce the sun, the earth, the moon, the planets, and the stars and the galaxies. This sounds very much like a fantastic dream, a joke even. However, this is the beginning in the theory of evolution, which many “smart” men believe. In reality, an explosion that can produce a laptop computer would be unthinkable and miraculous, much less one producing the whole universe.

They also believe that creatures evolve and at the end become man. Realistically, this is more akin to fiction than science, because hundreds and even thousands of years of human observation has never found a mosquito turning into a fly, or half a fly, or any percentage of a fly, and neither has there been found a fly in the process of turning into a bee, or any other creature. Dear reader, heaven and earth is not the only proof of the existence of the Creator, the entire human history contains unmistakable hand-prints of the Creator. The history of the Jewish people is one evidence of an All-powerful Person. Study the details of the history of the Jews and you will find the presence of One who can control the flow of history.

Besides that, the conscience of man confirms the existence of the Creator. Within man there is a yearning to worship the Creator. In the times of human ignorance in the past, man worshiped great rocks, great trees, and auspicious caverns. The devil, who was previously an angel before he rebelled, knew that man wants to honor his Creator, and the devil manipulated this tendency of man by giving him all kinds of false worship.

When man was no longer satisfied by serving great rocks, and instead used those rocks to build houses, the devil changed the object of worship into great images. There was even a sort of competition to build the greatest image. In my tours to neighboring countries, many tour guides have offered to take this writer to see what they claim to be the biggest image in their cities.

In may instances, even, the devil has proclaimed himself to be the object of worship. In West Kalimantan, there is a ritual called Tatung, which involves demons possessing a person, and through that person, the demon unashamedly proclaim his connection to the spirits residing in the many surrounding temples. The result of Satan’s deception is very evident from the fact that so many people readily believe the existence of the devil, acknowledge his power, and not a few would even ask his favor.

Those same people, would then question or deny the existence of God, Creator of heaven and earth. The devil has succeeded in replacing God with himself in the hearts of such people. Dear reader, I hope you will be wise, and will use the mind and logic that God has given you. Seek God and believe in Him, do not be deceived by the devil with all his deceitful wiles. The wise man will choose to believe that God exists, while the foolish says that there is no God. Why? If we believe that God exists, and after our death it turns out that God does exist, we have not lost anything in reality. However, if we believe that God does not exist, and then after our death it turns out that God truly exists, we will face His unavoidable wrath.

Dear honorable readers, let us truly be honorable men and women. Not only do we must honor our parents, we owe the most honor to our Creator. He is the One we must worship and whose directions we must seek so that we may not be deceived by the devil. We need to find which book contains His Words. It is very tragic if someone acknowledge the existence of God but then misidentify which Book is truly His Word. For is we do not find the Book that is truly the Word of God, in the end we will be deceived after all.***

Source: Dr. Suhento Liauw, Th.D Road Map to Eternal City (English)

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